Sunday, October 31, 2010

Velodrome Fundraiser Canceled?

What happened to Mr. Patterson’s promise?

By Dan Schroeder

Regular readers of Weber County Forum will remember Ogden City’s Tour de Drome event, held on May 1 to raise money for the proposed velodrome and field house. Readers may also have noticed that we haven’t heard much about the velodrome in the last several months.

Now, as October draws to a close, let’s recall some of what was said back in May. Quoting from Scott Schwebke’s article:
The Tour de Drome wasn’t expected to be a big money maker and was aimed at creating a buzz regarding the velodrome and field house project, said [Ogden CAO John] Patterson. “It's the number one high-adventure priority (in the city),” he said....

Another larger bike tour to raise money for the field house and velodrome is scheduled for October, said Patterson.
Yet despite Mr. Patterson’s promise, here we are at the end of October and there’s been nary a word about this “larger bike tour”.

Could it be that the velodrome is no longer the city’s “number one high-adventure priority”?

Or could it be that the event was canceled because somebody at the city finally realized it’s illegal to put on a fundraiser and divert the proceeds to the Ogden Community Foundation?

Or could it be that the fundraising effort for the velodrome has gone underground, avoiding high-profile buzz-creating events, to better keep the money hidden from the city council and the public?

Until we hear more through official channels, the floor is open for readers to share gossip and speculation about the velodrome.


Dan S. said...

I should have mentioned in the article that we did hear about the velodrome just under two months ago, when a $1 million proposed allocation to it appeared on the mayor's wish list for the use of BDO revenue. Of the $1 million, the mayor is/was proposing that $50,000 be spent on "design", presumably up-front, before there's any guarantee that the other $12 million (or so) will ever materialize.

Nicely Done said...

As. I have said before...wait til you see where that diddy is going to be located thus g around.

still number one said...

The Velodrome is still Godfrey's number one priority. He's currently planning a junket to wine and dine decision makers on a tour of other Velodromes.

ozboy said...

Don't know why you naysayers get your panties all in a knot over anything to do with the Velodrome idear. After all, it is to be built on land owned by our towns biggest selfless supporter - Gadi LeSham. considering all Gadi has done for Ogden it seems kind of petty to want to deny the good man the opportunity to make a few lousy bucks off his high risk land investments. Besides, Gadi is a good friend of the mayor's and we all know that the mayor only pals round with high class folks who only want what's best for the citizens of Ogden. None of them are in it for any possible profit they might make. This is the most altruistic bunch of people to be found anywhere.

ND said...

Don't be so sure that's where its going

Curmudgeon said...

Which brings to mind again the question of what the SE considers to be news. Months ago. Pureheart Patterson announced that a larger fundraising ride was being organized for October. Here we are, last day of October, and no bigger bike ride fundraiser has happened. Wonder if the SE considers the fact that an Administration-announced major fundraising event linked to what the Administration insists is a major policy goal did not happen news? And if not, why not?

Dan S. said...

Good question, Curm. I even emailed Mr. Schwebke a news tip about this two weeks go, after I heard from a reliable source that the event would not take place. Mr. Schwebke did not respond.

Pureheart said...

"Patterson is confident funds will be obtained from donors enabling construction of the facility to start in the spring of 2011 and conclude in 2012."


ozboy said...


My guess is that the perpetually incurious Mr. Schwepke, even with your tip, has not quite connected the dots on this one.

Either that, or his bosses in suits from Sandusky have told him not to open that box of snakes. No need in embarrassing the incredibly incompetent dick head on nine dontcha know.

Bee in my Bonnet said...

I know what's happening ... our glowing mayor is taking trips to foreign lands to gaze at other velodromes - possibly even recruiting velodrome promoters from exotic places across the globe to enhance our velodrome experience here in Ogden.

We will be hearing about those trips when he gets back, of course.

cracks hisself up said...

Here's what I read somewhere recently:

It looks like Godfrey's become a little more realistic in this dismal economy; and we're heard rumours that the little shit has actually now lowered his sights, abandoned the October velodrome fund-raiser, and is now gunning for a velodrome plan that's a little more within the "price target range" of Ogden Taxpayers:

Boss Godfrey's New "Economy" velodrome plan

It will be fascinating, of course, to watch how even this, the latest nitwitted Godfrey "plan" pans out with mainly level-headed Ogden City Council in the near future.

Has the grandiose "little shit from Harrisville" actually "gone frugal" in the interests of the Ogden City taxpayers?

Surely we'll soon find out.

(P.S. I fully admit I crack myself up)

Jimmy Olson said...

I think Patterson and Schwebke should be lined up against the wall and shot for Pureheart not keeping the fund raiser promise and the crack reporter for failure to report.

It's time for blood!

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