Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Standard-Examiner: Our View: Zogmaister for Weber Seat A - Updated

Feel free to chime in with your own views regarding the Weber County Commission Seat "A" race

On October 15, The Standard-Examiner announced its intention to "begin running its endorsements in selected races," and to "also post on [its] website video interviews conducted by the newspaper's editorial board with the Democratic and Republican candidates for selected races." The Standard begins it pre-election endorsement series this morning, with its endorsement of incumbent Republican Weber County Commission Seat "A" candidate Jan Zogmaister:
OUR VIEW: Zogmaister for Weber Seat A
Happily, The Standard has supplied interviews of the two major party candidates, as a supplement to this morning's County Commission endorsement. These two videos are available for viewing here:
T.R. Morgan
Jan Zogmaister
Sadly, the Standard neglected to interview unaffiliated candidate Drew Johnson.

The floor's open O Gentle Ones. Feel free to chime in with your own views regarding the Weber County Commission Seat "A" race.

Update 10/21/10 7:23 a.m.: The Standard has also added brief profiles of all three Commission Seat "A" candidates in a separate story:
Weber County Commission Seat A


Tired said...

I'm voting for T.R. NO MORE REPUBLICANS. I'm done with Republicans. I know that's a blanket statement. But it is what it is.

Independent said...

The Standard Examiner did a great disservice to the county by not interviewing the other candidates. The one responsible growth person on the ballot was marginalized simply because he did not belong to some political machine, in this election year climate?

Tired said...

Okay. I'll look at Drew too before I choose. But SERIOUSLY NO MORE FRIGGIN' REPUBLICANS!!!!

T.R. Morgan said...

When I found out that the Standard's editorial board decided not to interview Drew, I argued with them for his inclusion. While I want to be the next commissioner, I believe that you can not have too many ideas for better government. I also personally informed Drew of the exclusion hoping that he could change their minds. The power in democracy is open dialog and an informed citizenry.

Jan is "status quo"

Currently the county is "in essence" a multi-million dollar corporation being run by midlevel managers and not by its board of directors.

Nathan Brittles said...

The worst possible selection would be the incumbent, Jan Zogmaister. She has dismissed the wishes of her constituents in favor of big business, refused to go after the millions of dollars in delinquent taxes due in Weber County (The County collects the property taxes and can take action against these large business and landowner tax scofflaws.) Instead, all of you other taxpayers will be paying your property taxes on time this November, but not Ms. Zogmaister's large business friends!

Ms. Zogmaister also help appoint the Cobabe family member to the Ogden Valley Planning Commission just prior to the Powder Mountain issue came up. She then refused to respond to any questions about the obvious conflict of interest.

Zogmaister also blamed the Huntsville Town Council for the Powder Mountain developers choice to file for incorporation. She said they only did it after the Town Council voted to support the homeowners in their struggle.

After it was pointed out to Zogmaister that the incorporation papers were signed before any vote took place in the Huntsville Town Council, she became defensive and combative.

Zogmaister supported the heavy industry rock crusher that was proposed in Eden, but back away when she saw she was in the minority in the Commission.

If you wish to make a serious change in the politics of this County, vote for Drew Johnson,

Common Sense said...

third parties don't win in utah. the only sure way to throw zog out is to vote for Morgan.

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