Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Standard-Examiner: Weber County Animal Shelter Upgrade

The Ogden Animal Shelter is having a "going out of business" sale, with great prices on cats and dogs

By Caril Jennings

There's an informative article today in the Standard-Examiner about the closing of the Ogden Animal Shelter:
Weber County Animal Shelter Upgrade
They are having a "going out of business" sale with great prices on cats and dogs.

Please people, if you've ever considered adopting a pet, now's the time to pay a visit to the Ogden Animal Shelter.

Bust me the hell outta here... Pretty please!


Curmudgeon said...

Found the best dog I've ever owned at the pound. If you're looking for a garden variety family mutt [not a kennel club show dog], I highly recommend doing a rescue at the pound instead of shelling out megabucks for a puppy-mill purebred.

D I N K (double income no kids) with dogs said...

There are purebred dogs at the shelter too.

I have two furry family members that were rescued. If you have room in your home and time and patience to devote to a forever faithful companion get thee to the shelter ASAP.

Can buy me love said...

You can find love here:


Dogs at the Ogden Animal Shelter are listed on the website. Weber County Shelter animals are not.

ozboy said...

I have two furry critters, one cat and one dog, who came to me through the Ogden dog pound and were formerly Ogden street gangsters.

I also have a dog (purebred brown lab) and another cat who came to be via the Davis Dog Pound. All are now leading great - and easy - lives in the Davis foothills complete with their own human slave to serve their every need.

Danny said...

It seems I recall that a few years ago the Browning family gave the city money to build its own animal shelter.

The city just had to run it.

So in the end, this gift ended up costing taxpayers money.

I suspect there will be a lot of consolidating in the future.

Here's my suggestion - dissolve Ogden City and let the county provide the services. I suspect that would be the end of all these economic development boondoggles.

Then again, the parasites would probably just ply their wares across the street.

For a list of parasites, see Stuart Reid's campaign contributor list, posted earlier.

Click Here

BAT_girl said...

If you adopt a dog, be sure to bring them to SODP (South Ogden Dog Park) before it closes for the winter on NOV 1. It will open again on APR 1.

For more info on DOG PARKs in WEBER COUNTY, as well as legal places to walk your dog in WEBER COUNTY, join us on:




A happy dog is a well socialized dog! So come on down, before SODP closes NOV 1. for the 2010 season.

BAT_girl said...

PS. I would like to thank, publicly, CHALES TRENTLEMAN for such a wonderful article on the OGDEN ANIMAL SERVICES closing in today's SE. Sadly, some animals will loose their lives and some people will loose their jobs.

The Tiffany Adoption Center building, where the OGDEN ANIMAL SERVICES resides until NOV 1 or NOV 15, is now up for grabs. No one has written about WHAT...... OGDEN CITY plans to do with this building.

Several independent, privately funded, animal rescue (BIRDS and REPTILES) organizations are bidding for it.

IMHO, the TIFFANY ADOPTION CENTER should be "awarded" to the OGDEN WEBER HUMANE SOCIETY, for a very inexpensive rent by OGDEN CITY.

The REPTILE GUY with his REPTILE COLLECTION can just head out to the West Desert and let his collection go. THE BIRD PEOPLE are already renting the former BROOKSIDE ANIMAL HOSPITAL building on West 12th ST, after moving out of the OGDEN NATURE CENTER last year. They already deal with their own funding issues.

I want to kill bat_girls SHIFT and CAPSLOCK keys said...

Not everyone is keen on hanging out at the DOG PARK with CRAZY dog pArK people. There are plenty of ways to socialize your pooch without having to socialize with fanatics.

If you got out much, you would realize the old BROOKSIDE building has Bern sold to a stone engraving place and the awesome BIRD RESCUE group is being DISPLACED and needs a HOME A S A P.

Does the Humane Society have a track record that would indicate they could take care of the building and afford it
any better than any other group? What do the ORIGINAL donors think?

Wolf said...

Dog - God

In domesticating the wolf we have reduced the Wild Ideal; and so with our gods.

In the transmissible disease of god ownership. the victim acquires the monomaniacal delusion that a being supposedly representing all of his most desirable characteristics actually rules the entire universe.
Conversely, in the more minor-acquired personality defect of dog ownership, the sufferer seeks emotional solace in a creature specifically bred to exhibit all of his worst characteristics: such as easily bought loyalty and fawning affection, cringing obedience alternating with loud emotional outbursts, and the tenancy to bite the defenseless from behind and then run away and defecate in public.

Dog owners prefer to play god to creatures like that, rather than to address their own personal and social inadequacies.

Deus es Canis Inversus.

Bobby L. said...

You're an idiot, and a cretin, Wolf.

Seek appropriate therapy!

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