Monday, October 04, 2010

Monday Morning Emerald City News Roundup

We'll let Dan's brief comment serve as the foundation for another open topic thread

In one of our lower comments sections we find this comment from Gentle Reader Dan S.:
Hey sports fans, don't forget the rest of the news: Earnshaw condo buyers scammed out of their deposits by FOM...
No return on deposits for many at Earnshaw Building in Ogden
Proposed height ordinance amendment postponed...
Consideration Of 25th Street Height Ordinance Postponed, Council Seeks Dialogue
Chickens on the agenda for Tuesday...
10/05 City Council Regular Session Agenda
Followed by a Trolley District presentation...
10/05 City Council Work Session Agenda
Trolley District Community Advisory Network Presentation Preview
Your blogmeister's been hog-tied with personal business this morning; so we'll let Dan's brief comment (which we've taken the liberty of expanding with a few helpful links) serve as the firm foundation for another open topic thread.

The floor's now open for discussion this Monday morning, for those WCF readers who survived the weekend..


South Bench said...

I read the Earnshaw scam news. Although buyer beware comes to mind, in a case of mass mis-representation and deceit such as this obviously is, there should be an avenue redress in the courts.
Either that, or those injured should receive a stake in the future of the property in which they made a substantial and good faith investment.

I would like to know Godfrey's take on this item. It would doubtless be a nice head-spin.

OneWhoKnows said...

I believe Val Southwick was the realtor, if that tells you anything?

Ozboy said...

South Bench

Unfortunately the only remedy for these people who were scammed by the FOM is in civil court. That won't do them much good if said FOM declared BK. There should be a remedy in criminal court, however that is very problematic as the victims (or Chief FOM Greiner's cops) would have to prove intent on the part of the scammer FOM to defraud. They would have to show that at the time he was taking deposits he knew that the deal was going down the tubes or that his criminal negligence caused the collapse.

I got burned once for Thirty grand by a guy with a cabinet shop who took my deposit and then went BK. There is no doubt that at the time he took my money, and lots of other people's as well, that he knew he was going BK. The bunko cops that investigated it knew this as well. However, the DA wimped out and refused to prosecute the guy because it looked like too much work for them. The guy basically ripped a hundred and fifty grand and got away with it because of a lazy and lame DA's office.

good luck Trolley People said...

Note to 25/U Trolley people. You need to collect massive amounts of campaign money, and then send the loot to Gary Herbert right away.

me again said...

Off topic a bit but - spent some time at the corridor open house and left with the feeling that I had wasted my time.

I thought the purpose of the meeting was to seek public input and what a crock that was. I spoke at length with a female from UTA whose sole purpose was to regurgitate the "official" position of the power structure. I was amazed at how succesfully she was able to speak without actually saying anything.

At my suggestion that the decisions had already been made she managed a shocked expression and launched into a reprise of the initial BS she had delived. Didn't notice any of the official staff making notes not that our comments will be repeated to the upper echelon. Oh well, some things never change especially in Utahaha.

Doubtful said...

One thing to note in Ernshaw down fall is that Herbon Real Estate is not a company that you would not want to deal with. Obviously they didn't see the risk in the contract that they signed. Wouldn't want them negotiating on my behalf.

Biker Babe said...

@Me Again: "I was amazed at how succesfully she was able to speak without actually saying anything."

That's called Bloviating - and it seems not just politians engage in the behaviour - UTA has their own little political arena, so bloviators should be expected ..


Danny said...

Well the bank was willing to let these units go for something like $90,000 each. With a weighted original asking price of something like $200,000 each and given they were 85% percent done, that means they are really only worth about half what they were going to be priced at.

How could it go so completely wrong?

It's like the Solomon Center that went so financially wrong, and needed serious repairs when only a few months old, and sucks in taxpayer money like a vortex.

Or the river project that is a fiasco any way you look at it.

Or all the new property around the JunkShun, that is completely vacant, and probably always will be.

Is is possible that Godfrey is a magnet for incompetent people?

Or is it that Godfrey somehow TURNS PEOPLE into incompetents?

Please explain. How could there be so much bewildering ineptitude accumulating around one person?

Viktor said...


Two possibilities come to mind:

Birds of a feather flock together.

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