Monday, October 18, 2010

A Coupla Words From Joe Dirt

Stuart Reid! One More Reason to vote Republican in 2010!

By Joe Dirt

HAY! Here's something interesting! In the Weber County District 18 Senate race, look who's raking in all the corporate special interest $dough!

I am NOT making this up:
Contributions to REID, STUART C
Since I'm a Weber County GOP loser who watches Fox News incessantly, who am I gonna vote for in 2010?

Stuart Reid, of course, the Republican candidate who raises the most special interest money! Doh.

Maybe if he gets elected, I'll tell him I voted for him, and I'll tell him that I'm temporarily unemployed and he'll get me a big fat job with one of his campaign donors once he's elected, of course!

Big Corporate Fundraiser Stuart Reid! One More reason to vote Republican in 2010!

Seems like a no-brainer, no?

Signed, Joe Dirt


you who said...

Stuart Reid is a turncoat snake.

Tellin the Truth said...

Remember people! These special interests who are contributing major money to Reid's campaign are actually looking to protect your individual interests.

what a crock said...

Ogden Riverfront Development can cough up 5k for the snake's campaign, but wont spend a dime to clean up their slum? Bullshit!

Democrat and Proud said...

Everyting WCF hates about the current administration, from the top down to the developers out of sate, was brought to you by Republicans.
Business swindling. It is how they operate.

Tellin the Truth said...

Hay! just because Stuart Reid is sleazy, it doesn't mean he's a snake.

He's just a Republican now.

You know... like Tricky Dick!


Danny said...

It looks like not only did the "genius known as Leshem" give Reid $5000, but the other contractor scum whose pockets Godfrey and Reid lined with taxpayer money also kicked in generously.

And the Republican party also gave Reid, a lifelong Democrat, $5000.

Just when you think you've seen how low it can get, you realize there is no bottom.

Hindman said...

Looking at Senate District 18 I have to assume Reid will be elected even if he is a RINO and just because of the magic R.

On his opponents website it states very little of what her platform is - she is for ethics - that would make her a minority in more ways than one in the legislature. She has been service oriented - good. She has a passionate voice - which she just goes back to ethics on her site. So I truly don't know what her issues are or what her agenda is. I have heard her at a couple of meet the candidate events but I still walk away wondering what she is all about.

As a Democrat I won't vote for something just because of the D there has to be a reason and a connection to my thoughts and values and desires.

Danny said...


You can vote for Betty Sawyer for the fact that she is not an institutionally corrupt corporate welfare hack like Stuart Reid is.

But then, from the fact that you did not mention her name, I have to conclude you are associated with Reid somehow.

Funny how easily I can see you, no? Did you notice you have also just started sweating?

Ozboy said...

By allowing Reid, a long term Salt Lake Democrat operative and failed candidate in SLC's mayoral contest a few years back, to come in at the last minute as a carpetbagger supreme and register to run as a Republican just shows to go you how morally and intellectually bankrupt the Weber Country Republican party really is!

If the Weber GOP had an ounce of integrity they would openly endorse Betty Sawyer as the only true representative of Ogden interests in this senate race.

But I guess using "GOP" and "integrity" in the same sentence is a little silly for sure!

Integrity Interloper said...

"If the Weber GOP had an ounce of integrity they would openly endorse Betty Sawyer as the only true representative of Ogden interests in this senate race."

LOL! Too funny.

OneWhoKnows said...

Reid would be a Tea Bagger if it would get him back in power. He'll sell his soul for any earthy gain and hiding behind the Mormon veil and doing crooked deeds only proves that he is a phony and not a God fearing man.

Two other Weber County Republican shakers come to mind that belong in Reid's corner......Godfrey and Dee. Shumbags!

Disgusted said...

Seems to me that one’s political affiliation is or should be tied to their political ideology and not one’s perception of which parties affiliation is more likely to get you elected. In other words a person’s perception of how the government should be run and what the government’s priorities should be, should be the determinate of your party affiliation. A position that shouldn’t be transferable in a mere two days from one political party’s views to another, but rather core personal beliefs that would evolve over time if they were to change at all. And yet in Stuart Reid’s case he went from being the Democratic nominee for the State Senate to the Republican nominee and he did this on the last filing date for candidates running for that office, and only after he found out that Republican State Senator Greiner was abandoning his seat in the race. Keep in mind too that Mr. Reid ran for office in SLC as a Democrat.
This action would suggest to me that to Mr. Reid the holding of the office is more important than any political ideology. To me at least it seems he’s more interested in getting a pay check and being “a somebody” than he is in truly representing anyone or getting anything really done.
So which is it, are you a wolf in sheeps clothing or a sheep in wolves clothing? Or what I see you as, somebody that just wants to suck off the government tit.

AWM said...

On the way home from work tonight there was a large Reid (4X6 foot) sign laying in the middle of the road that traffic was driving over. Not sure why but once I drove over it I was compelled to smile.

poole said...

ha ha i saw that last night! i was early for dinner, so i quickly circled the block, and ran over it again, with a little tire chirp!

Hindman said...

Danny - "But then, from the fact that you did not mention her name, I have to conclude you are associated with Reid somehow."
Well that's quite a leap, but nope never even met Reid sorry no sweating on my part.
Have met Betty and I still don't know what the heck she stands for. I am a registered Democrat and won't support her just because of her party so more than likely I will just skip that contest.

If candidates are going to spend time and effort to have a web page than tell us your views and opinions of the issues. Seeing signs with names tells me nothing.

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